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Profile Settings

By TRFAHA, 11/14/17, 2:30PM CST


If only 1 parent has a Sports Engine account and has registed the children with that account but you want the emails to go to other email address, please check the following…

Go to and on the top left Click Login or if you are already logged in, select the drop down and select Account Settings

Under Account settings, middle of the page, under the Notification Settings Section, expand open (Show Profiles) the Thief River Falls Hockey one.



If the email addresses you want are not there, go to Household and click on that and then select the child’s account you want to receive emails for. This will be in the Contact Information section in the middle of the page. If you have multiple players, do this for each.

Then go back to your account settings and verify the email address you want are now there within the Thief River Falls Hockey section.


If the other parent has a separate Sports Engine Account, go to your My Profile in the left navigation table. On the bottom of your profile page you will see Linked Accounts, this is where you will add the other parents Sport Engine Account so they also get the same emails

If you have any issues not receiving TRFAHA emails after making these changes, please let us know.